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Finca la Puebla is situated in the northeastern part of the state of Puebla (Municipality of Xicotepec de Juárez) at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level on the Santa Rita plateau. Located at 20 degrees 22′ 50” latitude north, which represents the northern upper limit for coffee growing and thus has very unique regional climatic conditions.

The state of Puebla is the 4th biggest coffee producing state of Mexico (after Chiapas, Veracruz and Oaxaca).

The farm is located about 90 km west of the Gulf of Mexico and 225 kms north east of Mexico City.

The origins of Finca la Puebla date back to the early 1980’s, when former owner of the farm acquired the first lots of pasture land and gradually planted Arabica coffee on approx. 950 hectares.

In 1990 Neumann Kaffee Gruppe became shareholder of this new farm before taking over the entire operation in 1995.

Finca la Puebla was the first farming operation of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe, later on followed by Fazenda da Lagoa in Brazil and Kaweri Coffee Plantation in Uganda as well as some Farm Management activities in East Africa.

In the meantime Finca la Puebla has extended the coffee area to 1363ha hectares on the total farm area of 1790ha.

Finca La Puebla is proud to be associated to the following fine companies and hold below three important certifications:

Andres Dürst – GM, Miguel Angel Rodriguez – Head Agronomy, Jesus Quiroga – Head Finance Team

Section Staff (8 sections) – 33
Processing – 13
Security – 2
Suistainability – 2
Health post – 2
Guest house – 2
Field workers – 200 – 250
Pickers – Up to 2500

Location of the farm is on a plateau with beautiful view over the San Marcos river valley. From main road it is an interesting drive over a recently rebuilt zic-zac road up to the plateau , passing typical smallholder farming area, including the El Porvenir village. After entering the farm, it akes 2 km to reach our newly established head office area.

The farm can be reached in a convenient 2.5 hours car drive over very good highway directly from Mexico City airport. The farm will arrange car and driver to pick up our estimated visitors.

The newly built guesthouse is furnished in traditional Mexican style with various modern elements. It is located on a hill with a commanding view over the plantation. Five individually decorated rooms are at the guests’ disposal during their stay on Finca la Puebla.

Guests are served with 100% typical Mexican food, specially prepared by our outstanding cook. Some good Tequila reposado is always in place!

Close to the guesthouse there is a stables and a small paddock, we the farm staff maintains three horses for those interested in seeing the farm the true Mexican way. And by the way: Our “chef” guarantees 100% typical Mexican food!


First set of NKG Standards for Sustainable Coffee Production were implemented on La Puebla in cooperation with GTZ in 2002. All along ethical farming remained a core issue for the farm and today the farm is certified according to RA, UTZ and 4C.

These certifications are important to the farm but efforts of the farm go beyond what is required and particular emphasis is put on protection of biodiversity, which was largely lost in the region but is still present on the farm in the various forest patches and along waterways.
Coffee Leaf Rust (Roya) has hit the farm in 2016 and is controlled by fungicides. However, it is the farm’s objective to rapidly reduce its dependence on spray controls by rapidly replanting susceptible with tolerant varieties

Berry borer (Broca) is controlled with traps. No other pests are relevant, therefore the farm uses no insecticides.

Estimated 42 kms of small rivers and streams cross the farm with 2 -10 meters buffer zones on both sides and there are also seven lakes with a total surface of 10.4 hectares, as well as approx. 42 hectares of swamp areas and 26 hectares of oak tree forests.

  • Permanent employment status for 62 workers (with rights to benefit from the Mexican social welfare system).

  • The farm maintains picker lodgments for seasonal workers and is actually in a process of enlarging and improving these shelters, as well as sanitary facilities.

  • Own health post with cost free medical attendance and medicines for seasonal workers and coffee pickers and their families.

  • Primary school and Kindergarten for children of permanent workers living on the farm.

  • Specific training courses for employees, especially regarding safe application of herbicides (weed control!) and labor security issues in our wet mill or processing plant.

  • Dotation of special protective clothing for workers dealing with herbicides and the cherry processing plant.

  • Access to potable water (drinking water quality with purifying systems) – sounds trivial, but almost all the villages of temporary workers have no access to drinking water!

Finca la Puebla was the first farming operation of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe.

Our farm

The farm has a gross area of actually 1,542 hectares

Location about 90 km west of the Gulf of Mexico and 225 kms north east of Mexico City, at 20 degrees 22′ 50” latitude north
600 meters
Gross area actually 1,542 hectares
Planted area 1,290 hectares
Average plant in density 3,675 trees / ha
Coffee nursery (production of new plantlets) 140’000 per year
New planting density 2,850 trees / ha: each year 20 – 30 hectares are newly planted (replacement of coffee fields with more than 20 years).
Rainy season June – October (1,600 – 2,200 mm per year)
Flowering March / April
Coffee shipment months January – June

Finca la Puebla produces between 30 – 40’000 quintales green coffee per year of which 70% are exported to different destinations. Quality of the coffee is described as a very balanced, pleasantly mild coffee with little acidity.

The coffee is washed, dried and stored as parchment coffee in resting silos.
After 4 – 80 days the parchment is hulled, graded and packed for export on the farm before sending it to the port of Veracruz for shipment.

Finca Puebla’s coffee is fully traceable (bags are marked with FINCA PUEBLA ESTATE COFFEE) along the whole production chain back to the original coffee fields.

Planted varieties are Garnica (Mexican Catuai), Colombia brote café, Marsellesa, plus a number of varieties in observation blocks, such as different Catimor and the Brazilian Acaua Novo, Catigua and Sabia Tardido.

Harvest takes place between October and March, depending the weather condition in spring. Shipment of coffee starts in March and ends in August.


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