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Fazenda da Lagoa

focuses on the production of a unique unwashed natural coffee and a high quality semi-washed coffee

Fazenda da Lagoa

focuses on the production of a unique unwashed natural coffee and a high quality semi-washed coffee.

About us

Who we are

The Fazenda da Lagoa coffee plantation is situated in the northeastern part of the famous coffee growing region of Campo das Vertentes, in Minas Gerais, only a few hundred kilometers away from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, at an altitude of around 1,100 meters above sea level.

The origins of Fazenda da Lagoa date back to 1764, when the Portuguese crown donated the property to the so-called Jangada, the earliest ancestor of its agricultural director J. Paiva.

It is one of the oldest coffee farms in the region of the “Campo das Vertentes” and up to today has nearly maintained the same size. In fact, the first coffee tree of the municipal was planted here in the middle of the 19th century.

In February 2003, this medium-sized Brazilian coffee farm with its 3.720 hectares of land, which had been owned by the Aguiar Paiva family for many generations, became part of the farming activities of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe.

Environmental conditions at Fazenda da Lagoa are ideal for the sustainable production of premium coffees.

Small streams from at least 66 natural springs on the estate gradually converge into two small rivers. These are a distinctive feature of the plantation as well as a valuable source of life for innumerable plants and animals. Woodlands and swamp areas cover around 30% of the total farm area and represent important ecological zones on the plantation. They help maintain a healthy biodiversity with all its positive impacts for the biological control of plague and disease.

A sustainable approach to coffee farming also offers direct benefits for farm workers.

The farm supports housing for currently 23 families. Farm workers are provided with suitable clothing for their tasks on the farm and moreover receive a permanent employment status thus enabling them to join the Brazilian social welfare system which ensures a number of important social services like health care. In order to ensure an effective, sustainable coffee production, all permanent employees receive specific training to further develop their skills.

Certification is gaining more and more significance worldwide and is an important tool for national and international recognition of the special way our coffee is being produced. Since 2005 the farm is Utz Certified, and awarded the Rainforest Alliance seal for its accomplishment in sustainable coffee production. The farm is open for other certifications according to customer demands.

Rainforest Alliance Certificate (PDF)

Utz Certificate (PDF)

During the harvest there are about 550 pickers working on the farm, two groups of them stay in the newly constructed picker lodgings. Our agricultural staff is highly experienced and many have a special bonding to Fazenda da Lagoa since their parents or grandparents were already working on the farm.

Team management style of Fazenda da Lagoa gives development opportunities for young professionals in all areas of coffee production and thereby has created a highly motivated team spirit and positive working atmosphere on all levels of the workforce.

Fazenda da Lagoa explicitly welcomes visits from clients.

At our original guest house we offer up-to-date service and all modern comfort. Groups of up to 10 guests can enjoy the atmosphere and beautiful natural setting of the ancient farmhouse.

Visitors experience at Fazenda da Lagoa how

  • tradition,
  • history and
  • modern technology

successfully combined create the basis for exemplary coffee cultivation.

Fazenda da Lagoa produces one of the finest Brazilian coffee.

Our farm

The farm has a gross area of 3.712 ha of which 1.990 ha are coffee fields.

Location 170 km from Belo Horizonte, 400 km from São Paulo, 470 km from Rio de Janeiro
Altitude of producing fields 950-1155 meters above sea level
Gross area 3.712 ha
Planted area 1.990 ha
Average plant in density 3.726 trees/ha
Main planting density (new) 5.714 trees/ha
Rainy season October – April
Flowering October
Main picking season May – September
Coffee shipment months November – March
Coffee varieties Acaya, Catucai, Mundo Novo, Catuai, Icatu, Topasio, Obata, Yellow Bourbon
Detail Map

The farm has a gross area of 3.712 ha of which 1.990 ha are coffee fields.

At an altitude of 1,100 meters the farm has an ideal climatic profile. It has typical Brazilian laterite soils, 6.2 million trees and grows the following Arabica coffee varieties: Mundo Novo, Acayá, Catuaí, Catucaí, Icatu, Topazio und Yellow Bourbon. The coffee is cleaned, dried and hulled on the farm and after staying 30 days in the resting silos, sent to Varginhas warehouse for storage and reprocessing.

Fazenda da Lagoa’s coffee is fully traceable along the whole production chain back to the original coffee fields.

Production 2019: 46,100 bags
Production estimate for 2020: about 63,000 bags

The picking season usually starts in the beginning of May and lasts until September.

A sustainable approach to coffee farming also offers direct benefits for farm workers.

Our Products

Strictly soft fine cup

Fazenda da Lagoa produces one of the finest Brazilian coffee, including naturals, washed coffee as well as washed yellow bourbon. Each of these preparations and grading thereof, has received its own brand, reflecting the cheerful spirit on Fazenda Da Lagoa.

All the branded coffee types of Fazenda da Lagoa are ranked as “strictly soft fine cup”, the top Brazilian category, and prepared as type 2/3. Apart from the typical full and smooth flavour of fine Brazilian coffee our branded coffee displays a slight but well-defined acidity, a feature that is particularly unusual for unwashed Arabica.

Due to a long tradition of coffee processing and well-managed, modern processing equipment, Da Lagoa produces a very constant quality year by year, which gives quality security to our esteemed buyers.

In addition to the below branded products, the farm also produces a limited quantity of the very special Yellow Bourbon. This speciality coffee can be graded to the requirements of our buyers.

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NKG Fazendas Brasileiras Ltda.

Rodovia Fernao Dias
BR 381, Km 642
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Santo Antonio do Amparo
Minas Gerais

Tel.: +55 – 35 – 3863 2950
E-mail: info.dalagoa@nkg.coffee