Kaweri Coffee Plantation Ltd.

Taste Characteristics Peaberries with their distinct note and good to fine roast. A remarkable and unique cup, very soft and mild yet full-bodied and with a slight acidity. The aromatic bouquet has hints of spicy sinnamon and dark chocolate ending with a clean finish.
Visual characteristics Coffees sized up to screen 14.
Coffee Type
Robusta, washed, machine-dried
Description This coffee contains coffees up to screen 14 and pea berries with their distinct note and a good to fine roast.

Production facts

Country Uganda
Region of origin Mubende district
Location on the equator
Average annual production 5 – 7000 bags
Altitude range 1200 – 1350 m
Average annual rainfall 1280mm in 10 months
Harvest period November – March and May – July