Group Companies

NKG Tropical
Farm Management GmbH

Bahnhofstr. 22
6300 Zug

Tel: +41 (0)41 - 728 72 80
Fax: +41 (0)41 - 728 72 99

E-mail: info.trop.zug@nkg.coffee


Company Purpose and Objectives

Tropical is coaching NKG farms in Mexico, Brazil and Uganda and supports other group companies in farming associated issues. This concerns agronomic questions but also aspects of environmental preservation, biodiversity conversation, climate change adaptation and social responsibility.

On all farms under the direct or indirect influence of Tropical, the farm management teams are guided by our "economically viable and responsible farming" philosophy. This means production efficiency, attention to coffee quality, cost awareness, integrated production, preservation of the environment as well as social sensitivity.

Long-term thinking, non-cyclical financial planning, constant re-investment into the asset, application of ultimate and constantly updated agronomy, all contribute to consistent production and economic viability. Farm managements are bound to pursue a constant improvement approach that includes in-situ experimental work, which aims are finding the optimal long-term production solution in each location. Experimental work, among other, include variety and planting density trials, pruning systems, soil cover experiments, various pest and disease control programs, precision farming, long-term soil improvement work through large-scale composting and biochar applications.